If I could hear your thoughts, or make your internal dialogue audible somehow, would I hear you asking any of these questions?

Why are there so many expectations placed on me?  How do I know which ones to pursue? Why do I often resent all the demands on my time?  School?  Work?  Family? Friends? After all, didn’t I sign up for them?  And really, what would I do instead anyway?  Is there more to life than just going through these motions? At times is seems so empty.  I’m having fun.  I’m achieving things.  But there has to be more right? Why is it I am so busy all the time and yet feel unfulfilled? Am I wrong for feeling like my time is being taken away from me?   Why do I feel like I am wasting days, weeks, months, or even years, worrying about things I cannot control?  Why do I trade my time for the highest economic gain?  Is that the right way to find the success and happiness I seek in life?  Why, when I work so hard on some fronts, do we feel like I am failing on other fronts? For example, the harder I work on the school or career front, the less time I have with family and friends.  Or for myself.  This seems to create a mutually exclusive relationship where success on one means failure on another.  Is that right or is there another way?  How do I address it?  What is the right path for me to take in life?  How do I know?   The possibilities seem endless yet I have fear and anxiety about having to focus on one path which means letting go of all others?   Yet it’s exhausting to keep the doors of opportunity perpetually propped open.  What do I do?  When I was young, life seemed so easy.  Things just fell into place.  It seemed natural.  Why is it so different now?

These questions were part of an internal dialogue I had been having for years.   One that I struggled to give a name until I read the below quote which summarized it perfectly:

"I believe that it is not dying that people are afraid of.  Something else.  Something more unsettling and more tragic than dying frightens us.  We're afraid of never having lived.  Of coming to the end of our days with the sense that we were never really alive.  That we never figured out what life was for."  - Harold Kushner  (from John C. Maxwell's book "The Journey from Success to Significance")

If you can relate to any of this, chances are you were looking for the same thing I was:
  1. A clear direction to pursue in life
  2. A direction that can help with making fulfilling decisions
  3. Decisions that lead to sustained peace, contentment, and joy
  4. Decisions that lead to success in life (however you measure it) and the achievement of hopes and dreams
  5. And most importantly, a way of helping deal with all of these questions and finding an answer to shut them off (or at least keep them from perpetually being unanswered).
So I set out on a journey to gain such answers.  And the findings were empowering.   



I completely agree with the author of the given article and I'm even gonna to utilize some of these ideas in academic writings. The journey from success to significance must be beneficial and pleasant.

06/13/2016 12:00am

There are many expectations that I need to fulfill. There are many promises that shouldn't be broken. A lot of people believe in my capability of doing hard work. It is really difficult. I really hate the feeling of all people keep telling me to do the right thing. I always take criticism from other people. I keep believing myself that all things work together for good. It's a genuine feeling when I read this post. The quotes from Harold Kushner have a big impact on my life. I am so happy that this kind of quote changes my life.

11/09/2016 9:34am

Good luck with this journey. I am sure that you will find the answers.

03/14/2017 5:26am

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03/21/2017 1:22am

Can I join you? I am pretty excited about this journey right now. It will help me to answer these questions.

05/29/2017 10:05pm

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